Why with us?

1. How do EventSum works?

EventSum empowers you to pursue yours or other's dreams through an organized collection platform. EventSum provides you a page where you can collect money from people or you can contribute to others through online. EventSum was built for public or group events, fundraisers, school projects, reunions, apartment maintenance/rent payments, private sports events, and parties, is useful in many other types of group social payment scenarios. It's simple - Set up an event, Notify Invitees and contribute or make payments. People can pay using the commercially popular Wallets, Credit Cards, UPI or Net Banking to load money into EventSum Wallet, facilitated by our payment gateway partner Razorpay. All payments are recorded in your Wallet as transactions. We have enabled all individual transactions to be also saved in Notifications, email messages, SMS etc.Contributors to any Event don’t get charged. However, Organizers get charged to withdraw funds to their bank accounts. There is a flat 2.3% Service Charge/Admin Fee to transfer money collected for an Event, within 3 workings days

2. Does EventSum mobile application costs to download?

No, it doesn't cost to download EventSum mobile application. To view the attributes of EventSum mobile application you can download the App on Google Play Store.

3. How do I register in EventSum mobile application?

You can register independently on the App (or) login through Facebook or Google accounts. Please make sure that you are using your appropriate Social Media accounts. You can even "Logout" independently on EventSum mobile application with your name and phone number. Once you sign-up with your phone number independently, you will receive an OTP. By using that OTP, you can log in to your account in the EventSum mobile application. Please ensure that while you are signing up, you have entered the appropriate name and e-mail id. If you are having difficulty in signing up you can "Contact Us" with your login issue.

4. Can I edit my profile?

Yes, you can edit your profile but you can only change your profile picture and can edit your phone number. If you edit your phone number you should be able to authenticate EventSum mobile application within a minute by using OTP.

5. Can I use EventSum for myself?

Sounds like a personal question, but YES you can! We encourage you to dream big and create anEventSum for yourself or use it for all of your group social needs! Not only will you get the Event you REALLY want work, but you'll take the pressure off your friends and family from having to arrange the problem of fund collection! This might be the end of the group payment issues we ever faced...

6. What exactly is an “Event”?

An event can be described as an occasion that marks a point in time when a particular task involving one or many individuals is completed.Events can be classified on the basis of their size, type, and context. Events can be Social or Life Cycle related, Education or Career oriented, Sports or Entertainment related, Corporate or Group associated, Fund Raising or Cause-related ones. We define an Event as any occasion that involves payments involving would like to carry out with your social contacts in formal or informal groups. Our mission is to enable the same Group Social Payments for a different type of events at one single place where you and your friends can contribute, as well as pay their dues or shares for the same. Then, you can collect the complete amount at a small commission, instead of going through painful bank transfers, cash handling or the uncomfortable splitting of shares.

7. How does a User "Create Event”? How to understand and use the Categories in "Create Event"?

On the Home screen, you will have a "Create Event" tab. Tap on it and the following categories are displayed. i) Parties In this category you can raise the Events like Bachelorette/Bachelor party, Birthday party, Anniversary, Housewarming, Engagement, Bridal Shower, Grand Openings etc. ii) Trips In this category you can raise the Events like Summer Camps, Religious trips, Weekend trips, School trips, Family Trips, Industrial tours etc. iii) Schools/Colleges In this category you can raise the Events like Farewell Debate Class Project, Educational exhibitions, Teachers Gift, cultural programs, Class Parties etc. iv) Maintenance/Rents In this category you can raise the Events to collect money for Apartment Maintenance, Rents v) Fee Payments/Dues Collection In this category you can raise the Events like Collection or Payment of Fees in Schools/Colleges, dues collection for local Cable Operations/Milk Vendors/Libraries/Gyms/Teaching Institutes etc. vi) Sports In this category you can raise the Events like Sport Tournaments, Special Team Sporting Occasions etc. vii) Campaigns In this category you can raise the Events like Save Girl Child, Child Labor, Swachh Bharat etc. viii) Clubs/Group Events In this category you can raise the Events like Film Outings, Special Club Events, Kitty Parties, Seminars workshops etc. ix) Custom In this category you can raise your own Events with your own title which are not covered in the above categories.

8. Is EventSum free to use?

Yes, EventSum is free to download from the Google Play Store. Consider it our gift to answer the conundrum of Group Social Payments for all our users! However, to keep us fully stocked in cake and confetti, a 2.3% Service Charge or Admin fee will be assessed on total money collected for an Event.

9. Is my target date or deadline flexible to change for my Event?

Yes, you can go to “My Events” and edit date or any other information related to your Event.

10. How do I "View EventSum" when I get a notification from a new event?

You can View EventSum before login and after login. On the login screen, there is "View EventSum" at the bottom of the screen. When you get an invitation from a new EventSum, you have to enter the 6-digit code before login or after login and please ensure that you have entered the correct 6-digit code. You can join and contribute the event only when you are logged into your EventSum account.

11. How does the "Notification" tab work? What happens to a notification, if the EventSum mobile application is not running?

A "Notification" is a message that pops on your mobile device about the EventSum mobile application. It only reaches users who have installed the EventSum application. Yet the application is not running on your mobile you will get notifications about the EventSum application. If the user creates an event he will get a notification about the users who contributes. If the user joins and contributes an event when he got an invitation code, the user gets a notification about event updates. However, we have also ensured that any single transaction or usage on the application is covered with an email message or an SMS just to ensure the users don’t miss on important messages.

12. Do I need to keep a minimum balance in my account?

No, there is no requirement to keep a minimum balance in your Wallet, but you have to add money to your "My Wallet" to contribute to an event.

13. What is "My Wallet"? How do I use it?

Introducing "My Wallet", we would like to reiterate that it is a secure wallet which lets you manage your money for contribution (or) payments.

14. How does "My Wallet" work?

"My Wallet" is just like ready to use cash. All you have to do is register with the EventSum mobile app and start contributing through "My Wallet". Simply add some money to your wallet via Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI or difference digital wallets popular in the market and get started.

15. Do I get charged for using "My Wallet"?

No, by using "My Wallet" you will not get charged for individual transactions. EventSum does not charge any money for creating or contributing to an event.

16. Is my money safe in EventSum "My Wallet"?

Yes, your money is safe with "My Wallet". The credentials of your bank details are kept in private. Only the user can view their personal EventSum Wallet details.

17. I want to give a feedback, how do I give it?

Send us an email to eventsum123@gmail.com with all your details or provide your review on our Google Play Store account.

18. I do not have a debit or credit card! How can I add money to Wallet?

You don't need a credit card and debit card to add money into your Wallet. You just add money through "Razorpay" payment gateway to your Wallet by just activating Net Banking services with your issuing bank or popular Digital Wallets in the market. You need to do is tap on My Wallet --->Add money to Wallet --->Enter amount ---> Process your amount through Razorpay.

19. Can I operate EventSum when I am not connected to the internet?

Your device will need an internet connection to operate EventSum. You can't create, view or can't operate any functionality of EventSum but you can just open the EventSum home page. So, please ensure that you have an internet package activated on your mobile device.

20. I have downloaded EventSum but the app is not running on my phone. Why is this happening?

There could be multiple reasons for the app not working: i. No proper Internet Coverage. ii. There are times when there is network fluctuation due to which the app can run slow/crash. iii. Having older App version can be an issue, hence always update to the current version from Google Play Store. iv. Entering wrong Login credentials. v. No sufficient RAM to run the Application. vi. Multiple applications running in the background.

21. What is a "Razorpay" payment gateway?

Razorpay is a payment Gateway founded by alumni of IIT Roorkee. It is a Payment gateway solution for online payments. Razorpay accepts and validates Internet payments via Net Banking, UPI, Credit Cards and Digital Wallets. A Razorpay is a company that provides a secure link between the EventSum mobile application and other payment gateway providers. It adheres to the Industry standard 100% PCI DSS Compliant & Certified solution and all card info is submitted directly to Razorpay’s PCI DSS certified system over HTTPS. Razorpay specializes in quickly and securely accepting payments online. Start and end payments on the same page. Accept all major debit and credit cards, UPI, 50+ Net Banking feature banks and popular wallets. Razorpay is the best payment gateway when collecting in Indian Rupees (INR).

22. Do I need a special account in Razorpay to add money into "My Wallet"?

No, you don't need to create a special account in Razorpay. You can simply use your net banking credentials or use your wallet to add money to your "My Wallet" through Razorpay. Please ensure that you have entered the right credentials of net banking otherwise the money will not be transferred into your "My Wallet".

23. Where does the money I collect for an Event go?

The money you collected is safely stored in your Event Wallet. When you close your Event then the money is credited to your bank account depends upon the amount of money collected. Before creating an event you have to enter right bank details. You can't use other's bank details without their permission.

24. How will use the information that I share with you on EventSum?

The personal information shared by you is used to suggest, create and organize your own Event itself. It acts as a vital input to enhance your experience on the EventSum platform and is not shared with any external party without your consent. Besides your payments and associated cards/accounts are securely handled via the RBI approved escrow account with Razorpay payment gateway and transferred to us once your Event deadlines met or you close the Event on your own.

25. What is the maximum length of time an Event can stay open

Technically, an Event can be open for as long as you want. However, the ideal Event deadline shouldn’t be more than 2-3 months. We figure that's enough time to hit your collections goals with the social contacts you do have, but if you need to, it's also enough time to go and make new friends!

26.Can my individual contribution to an Event be refunded, if I decide to change my mind?

Yes, as long as the individual request is received within 12 hours of your EventSum contribution or 48 hours before the Event deadline, just e-mail us at eventsum123@gmail.com and we will refund your individual contribution.

27.How do I know if someone has contributed? How do I track the progress of my own EventSum?

Whenever you require the List of contributors, you can find an option in“My Events”. You can also raise a request from there and we automatically send the updated list to your registered E-Mail id.

28. How much does EventSum charge when the funds need to be withdrawn? How long does EventSum take to send me the funds from an Event?

EventSum charges a flat admin fee of 2.3% on each Event pool. EventSum will credit the funds to your bank account within 3 working days.

29. Where can I use EventSum currently?

EventSum is currently servicing its Customers only in India. However, we can’t wait until the entire world can get its own “EventSum” and we are working hard to make that happen. We Only Accept Credit Cards issued by Indian Banks (VISA/MASTERCARD/AMEX/DINERS) right now.

30. How do you handle refunds when an Event is closed or cancelled?

We do not refund money if the Event is canceled or Event is closed. We have a “No Refunds” policy outside the individual refunds policy which is defined in one of the sections above.

ORGANIZER RESPONSIBILITIES The Organizer who creates the Event should maintain honesty and trust, and make best efforts to fulfill the promises to Contributors. You may end your Event associated with the Application at any time. If you have any funds to collect either on cancellation or closing of an Event, we will transfer all such funds after deduction of flat2.3% Service Charge/Admin fee.

CONTRIBUTOR RESPONSIBILITIES If you are a contributor the payments you do to the organizer or his event is at your own risk. Payment done to the organizer once will not be refunded under any circumstances except under the conditions satisfying the Individual Refunds policy defined in one of the sections above.














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